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In Loving Memory of Cameron Powers –

Our beloved Cameron Powers— co-founder and passionate leader of Musical Ambassadors of Peace (MAP)— passed into the infinite realms of music and dance on February 15, 2022.

His commitment to MAP was beyond “work” as he lived and radiated the very essence of our mission in his daily life. If you had the privilege to know him, to hear him perform or to dance with him, you understand what this means. Cameron believed that separation, conflict and trauma could be healed through the powers of music and dance. When we sing and dance together, our differences and pains disappear. These beliefs inspired the birth of our organization.

Cameron and Kristina Sophia, his beloved wife and co-founder of MAP, traveled to Baghdad when the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003.  They went as two citizens wanting to present a different face of America to the Iraqi people.  They played and sang popular Arabic love songs in the streets of the city, while local people gathered and sang with them in joy and appreciation.

Cameron and Kristina carried the essence of this experience into all their travels and gave life to our organization. Over the past twenty years MAP has funded numerous music and dance programs around the world designed to heal the wounds of war.  These programs have enriched countless lives in the Middle East, Africa, Mexico and here in the US.

Ari Honarvar, one of our Musical Ambassadors and Cameron’s close friend, remembers his contributions with these words, “Cameron dedicated his life to building musical bridges with different cultures and supporting refugees. He believed that we are one family without borders, something we say with refugees in their native language at the end of every dance session.”

In honor of Cameron, please join us. Let’s bring peace to our world and heal the wounds of war. Let’s bring connection across cultural differences. Let’s communicate beyond language, continuing to spread light and love as Cameron did.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to Musical Ambassadors of Peace.

Thank you for your continued support as we carry Cameron’s legacy forward!

In honor and “love love love,”

All of us at Musical Ambassadors of Peace

Short Video History
of Musical Ambassadors of Peace

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UN Recognition

Our Project for Iraqi Refugees in Southern California
Featured in 2020 United Nations
Music As Global Resource

Rahaf Shamaly

Our New Musical Ambassador in Gaza: Rahaf Shamaly – a popular local singer.

Palestinian girls aged 10-14 will be encouraged to celebrate their own culture by practicing the singing, drumming and dancing of favorite traditional songs. Large numbers of girls are signing up for these events and Musical Ambassadors of Peace needs financial support to make them happen.

Sessions in progress in Khan Younis, Gaza

Go to Gaza Project Page to See
January 2022 Activities

One of the two tribal groups shown here are known as the most hostile refugee group in Africa. They were former rebels, child soldiers and wives of fallen comrades who were engaged in a failed coup.

They had to flee their home country but have been given refuge here in some of the camps where Musical Ambassadors of Peace works in Uganda. Initially it was very hard to hold these events because of their hostility but now they have accepted to be part of us. We look forward to bringing them completely on board with their beautiful music as part of our quarterly events. The fact that another related tribe from the Congo had joined the MAP events helped make the difference. Some of the former child soldiers expressed future interest in our work and gave us their contact information.
MAP has paid some of the costs related to procuring new traditional tribal costumes which can be seen in the videos.
We were also able to hold a counseling and trauma healing session but our plan to do a MAP-sponsored general cleaning campaign in Kyaka camp was put on hold because of the new lockdown. Next year we are planning to visit Bidi Bidi (the biggest resettlement camp in the world). We will of course be continuing our work in Rwamwanja and Kyaka camps as we have proven very popular among both the refugees and the commanders.

Our new Musical Ambassador to Africa:

Abaho Gift Conrad

I speak French, English, and Arabic. Locally I speak Kinyarwanda, Runyakitara, Luganda, and Alur. These enable me to communicate effectively in a local and international setting. My instrument is the guitar but there are many other instruments played by the refugees here in these Uganda camps. These groups include Somali, Congolese, Eritrean, Burundians, Sudanese as well as others besides myself who are survivors of the Rwanda genocide such as myself. Some say that we have the largest refugee camps in the world. I am sure that working as a Musical Ambassador I will finally be truly seeing a smile on the face of a refugee. This could allow me to give them hope and feel like they are part of humanity. What these people miss is hope. I am here to give them hope that there is life after tomorrow.

Go to Uganda Project Page to See
January 2022 Activities

These young Congolese were abducted from their homes, turned into child soldiers, forced to kill and to do a lot of nasty things under the orders of Mai Mai rebels.
They were recently freed from the war zone and 32 of them were brought here in Uganda to Rwamwanja Refugee Camp on 12th, August 2021.
Musical Ambassadors of Peace organized these 2 events in which we encouraged them to remember their traditional dance and native cultural awareness. We give them support, free counselling with trauma healing and career guidance sessions. We are helping them to feel human once again. We have to keep them active and engaged so we meet them every week to monitor their progress and conduct another language training session to help enable them to interact with the community freely.
We are also waiting to welcome the 835 Afghanistan refugees who will soon be relocated here to Rwamwanja.
Thank you MAP Board for the continued support.

Congolese Refugee Shares Song

Refugee Children from Drug War Zones in Central America Arrive San Diego: Musical Ambassador Ari Honarvar begins bringing healing musical energies to the girls!

Ari Honarvar, Musical Ambassador from Iran of Musical Ambassadors of Peace, after yet another journey across the border from San Diego to Tijuana, explained: “We got to play, drum, and dance with our asylum-seeking friends waiting to be processed in Tijuana. We met asylum seekers from Nicaragua, Haiti, and Mexico with heartbreaking stories but hopefully our session helped lift their spirits. We didn’t have enough drums, so we cut up wood and used drumsticks to make music. I think it worked out well!”

Parents Magazine – November, 2019
Publishes Article by our Musical Ambassador from Iran, Ari Honarvar

“Children at the Border Need Joy, Just Like Our Kids. So I Bring Them Music”

Our Musical Ambassador from Iran, Ari Honarvar, addresses soul survival during a pandemic in her latest YES Magazine article.

When Savoring a Pleasant Moment Is a Radical Act

The Same healing protocol we utilize here at Musical Ambassadors of Peace for healing the wounds of war are what the whole world now desperately needs to heal from the pandemic

At Ontario Convention Center

Ontario, California

Two days of networking with the largest philanthropic service oriented business organization in the world!

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