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Mission Statement

We offer participatory music and movement programs that build cross-cultural bridges, honor and preserve indigenous musical traditions and offer emotional support to those who have experienced the trauma of war or displacement.

The power of music

We believe:

People who have learned and sung each others’ popular love songs together are less likely to war with one another than those who have not.

Music fosters sincere, heart-to-heart communication which goes beyond treaties or political agreements.

Musicians make ideal international diplomats and ambassadors because they know how to work together in unifying and intuitive ways.

International cross-cultural sharing of popular songs easily dissolves fear-based perceptions.

Musical sharing promotes a healthy spiritual life, replaces materialistic orientations and is available to all, including children.

Musical proficiency opens the door to creating deep and trustworthy friendships across language and cultural boundaries and can heal the wounds of war.

Get to know us

Our Story

Musical Ambassadors of Peace is a 501c(3) organization dedicated to healing those traumatized by war through the power of music worldwide.

Musical Ambassadors of Peace was founded in 2003 by Cameron Powers and Kristina Sophia, two musicians with a passion for Middle Eastern music who visited Baghdad soon after the U.S. invasion to rebuild cross-cultural bridges broken by war and political upheaval. Even amidst the rubble and destruction Cameron and Kristina offered those suffering from PTSD, the loss of loved ones, depression and fear, the ability to see the world from a musician’s perspective without political overtones. Their findings were simple: when people make music together, they heal together. Throughout their travels they saw personal bonding and deep healing take place when people came together to sing and dance to their own native music.

Each year Musical Ambassadors of Peace has expanded its scope by providing mentorship and funding for programming to an expanding list of musical ambassadors.

Learn more about our current projects and past projects.

Meet the team

Our Board
of Trustees

Peter C Jacobs

Peter C Jacobs


Performing Musician, Practicing Mechanical Engineer

Kristina Sophia

Kristina Sophia

Vice President

Vocalist, Percussionist, Sound Healer

Patricia Irby

Patricia Irby

Executive Director

Performing Vocal Artist, Composer , Music Educator

Legal Information:
Musical Missions of Peace, dba Musical Ambassadors of Peace, is a Non-Profit Colorado Corporation exempt from federal income taxation as described under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code since 2003. Musical Missions of Peace does not discriminate in any way, shape or form, period!

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