This song could be

as much as

1000 years old.

It comes from the “muwashah” tradition which originated in southern Spain but which has been alive in many parts of the Arab world up into the 21st century. This song, Ghudi Jufunik, has been preserved in Damascus, Syria and in Beirut, Lebanon. The lyrics speak of the patience of a beautiful woman who, as she seductively glances downward through her long eyelashes, awaits the arrival of her beloved. Cameron and Kristina have arranged and recorded this version of the song. The music scale, or “maqam,” is Saba, an amazing and deeply spiritual series of notes which contains both the minor and major 3rd’s… something never heard in Western music… The rhythm has 19-beats per measure and is called Awfar Masri… something else never heard in Western music…

Ghudi Jufunik

by Cameron and Kristina perform Muwashah | Cameron and Kristina in Syria

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