Ari Honarvar was born in Shiraz, Iran. The Iran-Iraq war formed the background for her childhood. Coming from a family which strongly carried the legacies of Persian poets such as Rumi and Hafez, she has been drawn to share that artistic and spiritual wealth here in the USA which has been her home since age 14.

Her productions of A Thousand Faces of Love feature the poetry of Rumi. She presents a dynamic program including poems in Farsi and English in the form of Deklameh, Rumi stories, dance and the stories of Ari’s own encounters with the soul-saving power of poetry growing up during the Iran-Iraq War. She has recently joined Musical Ambassadors of Peace to help build poetry and musical bridges across war torn borders. Members of the Cameron Powers Project Band provide the musical support. The production can serve both educational and fundraising functions. Ari has been invited and continues to speak at various functions. She has presented at various universities, peace events and veterans groups. Her work has been featured on NPR, TV ,Elephant Journal and Huffington Post.

Ari Honarvar

Musical Ambassador


September 2017: Ari begins coordinating regular healing drumming sessions with Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani refugees now arriving in El Cajon, CA.

Ari Honarvar is the founder of Rumi With A Viewdedicated to building music and poetry bridges across war-torn borders. Her work has appeared on The Guardian, Teen Vogue, Broadly-VICE and elsewhere. She is the author of the oracle card set and book, Rumi’s Gift

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