Ari Honarvar leads yet another welcome event for refugees from the drug war zones further south…

This is what World Peace actually looks like…

MAP — Musical Ambassadors of Peace
Ongoing work in Tijuana… October, 2019

MAP — Musical Ambassadors of Peace
Ongoing work in Tijuana… Ari Honarvar, our Musical Ambassador, with help from Carlos Velasco and Nilou Min has been carrying instruments and drums across the border into Mexico for months to offer emotional support to the thousands of refugees arriving from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador looking for safe haven.
Ari Honarvar is a refugee from Iran who has devoted herself to helping other refugees… Her Spanish language skills are growing… Here we see her donate her own guitar to a refugee shelter in Tijuana who’s exact location we cannot divulge because there are those who do try and attack.

Ari Honarvar, our Musical Ambassador from Iran, leads yet another healing music and drumming and dance event in Tijuana, Mexico. It is here that the asylum seekers from the Northern Triangle countries are parked… waiting… hoping to cross to the north into the USA where life promises something better… less dangerous…
To escape death, they left all that was precious to them behind–their home, family, friends, and their sense of belonging. They embarked on an arduous several-month journey filled with difficulties. They know they will continue to face unbelievable challenges and uncertainties in their asylum process. Many will be deported back to the place they escaped from. But for a precious moment, they get to dance and sing with their babies…

Ari is a refugee from Iran and she KNOWS just how healing music and singing and drumming and dance can be to the human soul! That’s why she’s been traveling across the border into Tijuana a few times every month with shakers and drums and musicians to meet with refugees mostly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and give their souls some refreshment using the techniques and materials provided by Musical Ambassadors of Peace. After an afternoon with Ari these refugees will feel a huge energetic boost which will enable them to move forward with confidence and hope founded on their inner powers to survive and make the best choices available to them. Thank you Ari from Musical Ambassadors of Peace for being such an effective Musical Ambassador! And thank you License to Freedom and other collaborating organizations and people! Love Love Love!

Ari is back in Tijuana again bringing more healing music and singing and dance to the refugees. This work was accomplished in June 2019. Always more to come! Healthy borders are open borders. As the Mexicans like to say, “We didn’t cross the border! The border crossed us! We’ve been here for thousands of years!”

Ari is doing what Musical Ambassadors do: she’s learning the love songs from the culture she’s working with! What a beautiful thing! An Iranian Ambassador singing a popular Mexican song in Spanish!

Ari and Carlos and Nilou return once again to Tijuana on June 10, 2019… check it out… a little happiness and soul healing for refugees…

Ari Honarvar, Musical Ambassador from Iran of Musical Ambassadors of Peace traveled across the border from San Diego to Tijuana on March 12, 2019.

“We got to play, drum, and dance with our asylum-seeking friends waiting to be processed in Tijuana. We met asylum seekers from Nicaragua, Haiti, and Mexico with heartbreaking stories but hopefully our session helped lift their spirits. We didn’t have enough drums, so we cut up wood and used drumsticks to make music. I think it worked out well!”

Musical Ambassador of Peace, Ari Honarvar, Featured Interview

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On November 9th, 2018, Ari and Dilkhwaz, two of our Musical Ambassadors and both refugees themselves, decided to bring our musical energies designed to heal the wounds of war into the Caritas Center in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dilkhwaz is a refugee from Iraq and Ari is a refugee from Iran. They both know something about how it feels to have to flee one’s homeland.

The Caritas Center is offering sanctuary to some of the refugees who are currently fleeing the “northern triangle,” which has become one of the most dangerous places in the world. These women, children and men are from Honduras and Guatemala and El Salvador, the countries which form this “northern triangle.”

Ari and Dilkhwaz have been living in the greater San Diego area and offering our drumming, singing and dancing healing sessions to the many Iraqi and Syrian and Afghani women who now make their homes in the large refugee community known as El Cajon. These healing sessions have been progressing for several years now and the healing which has been enabled in many refugee women has been remarkable.

Bearing drums and shakers and baskets of food, Ari and Dilkhwaz entered the Caritas Center and began sharing what they could with these Hispanic refugees who are part of the much feared “caravan from Central America.”

To get a taste of how these Middle Eastern and Central American cultures were able to mingle and share just take a look at some of these images on this page.

Donations to support our activities on behalf of these Refugees from the Northern Triangle can be made to the following non-profit or crowd-funding organizations: Musical Ambassadors of Peace (also known as Musical Missions of Peace), License to Freedom, Love and Support Across the Border, Immigrant Family Ripped Apart and Al Otro Lado. See Below…

Musical Ambassadors of Peace – Northern Triangle Project

Our Main Working NGO Partner

License to Freedom

We want to stop domestic violence in refugee and immigrant communities in San Diego County

Dilkhwaz Ahmed, M.S.
Executive Director
131 Avocado Ave.
El Cajon, CA 92020
Tel: 619-401-2800
Fax: 619-447-5761

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