Ari Honarvar, Musical Ambassador from Iran of Musical Ambassadors of Peace traveled across the border from San Diego to Tijuana on March 12, 2019.

“We got to play, drum, and dance with our asylum-seeking friends waiting to be processed in Tijuana. We met asylum seekers from Nicaragua, Haiti, and Mexico with heartbreaking stories but hopefully our session helped lift their spirits. We didn’t have enough drums, so we cut up wood and used drumsticks to make music. I think it worked out well!”

Musical Ambassador of Peace, Ari Honarvar, Featured Interview

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On November 9th, 2018, Ari and Dilkhwaz, two of our Musical Ambassadors and both refugees themselves, decided to bring our musical energies designed to heal the wounds of war into the Caritas Center in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dilkhwaz is a refugee from Iraq and Ari is a refugee from Iran. They both know something about how it feels to have to flee one’s homeland.

The Caritas Center is offering sanctuary to some of the refugees who are currently fleeing the “northern triangle,” which has become one of the most dangerous places in the world. These women, children and men are from Honduras and Guatemala and El Salvador, the countries which form this “northern triangle.”

Ari and Dilkhwaz have been living in the greater San Diego area and offering our drumming, singing and dancing healing sessions to the many Iraqi and Syrian and Afghani women who now make their homes in the large refugee community known as El Cajon. These healing sessions have been progressing for several years now and the healing which has been enabled in many refugee women has been remarkable.

Bearing drums and shakers and baskets of food, Ari and Dilkhwaz entered the Caritas Center and began sharing what they could with these Hispanic refugees who are part of the much feared “caravan from Central America.”

To get a taste of how these Middle Eastern and Central American cultures were able to mingle and share just take a look at some of these images on this page.

Donations to support our activities on behalf of these Refugees from the Northern Triangle can be made to the following non-profit or crowd-funding organizations: Musical Ambassadors of Peace (also known as Musical Missions of Peace), License to Freedom, Love and Support Across the Border, Immigrant Family Ripped Apart and Al Otro Lado. See Below…

Musical Ambassadors of Peace – Northern Triangle Project

License to Freedom

We want to stop domestic violence in refugee and immigrant communities in San Diego County

Dilkhwaz Ahmed, M.S.
Executive Director
131 Avocado Ave.
El Cajon, CA 92020
Tel: 619-401-2800
Fax: 619-447-5761

Love and Support Across the Border

Please help us provide much needed food, clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, toiletries, diapers, first-aid kits and sundries for our migrant/refugee families and LGBTQ community fleeing persecution, hunger, extreme poverty, violence and displacement.  We are preparing to help as many as we can as hundreds more  will be arriving soon. Help us help them while they seek political asylum at our border shelters.  

Immigrant Family Ripped Apart

A moment can change everything, and for Jovana’s family this was sadly the case. It was a beautiful time in life. Jovana was nine months pregnant, waiting for her husband Ricardo to pick her up and take her to her final prenatal checkup. The young couple was over the moon awaiting the birth of their first child, and the future looked bright. This was the day that changed their lives forever. On the way to pick up his wife, Ricardo was intercepted by ICE. He was detained and deported, leaving Jovana 9 months pregnant, and completely alone. With no means to pay for their apartment she was on the verge of becoming homeless, when community activists stepped in to help. Jovana gave birth a beautiful little boy named Erick, and they have been staying with a local family temporarily during this transitional time. Now the time has come for them to establish a more permanent residency, and the goal of this GoFundMe is to help Jovana secure a small place for her and her child to call home.   If you can, any amount will help, if you could also please share this over your networks, our family would be greatly appreciative.

Al Otro Lado

Your donations to Al Otro Lado go directly to serving indigent deportees, migrants, and refugees in Tijuana and Los Ángeles. Here are some of the ways your donation may be used:

Our Medical-Legal Project may use your $500 donation to help five individuals/families connect with free legal and social services or $80,000 worth of donations to pay for one full-time Attorney to help dozens of clients. Read more about our Medical-Legal Project and how your donation will be used.

Our Border Rights Project may use your $500 donation to provide individual Legal Orientation for five detained asylum seekers or your $5,000 donation to pay for one Refugee Clinic, providing legal orientation for up to 50 refugee families. Read more about the Border Rights Project and how your donation will be used.

Our Deportee Program may use $40,000 of donations to pay one full-time Legal Assistant, drastically increasing program capacity or $80,000 to pay one full-time Attorney to help deportees return to the U.S. legally. Read more about our Deportee Program and how your donation will be used.

Support LGBTQ refugees

Fellow human beings have been displaced thousands of miles from their home. They are in need of shelter, hygiene products, food, and water while they await seeking asylum. They deserve respect, dignity, safety and compassion. Let’s show them they are not forgotten. This money will go to care for them and basic necessities.

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