With more than 25 years of experience with cultures and drumming of the Middle East and Mediterranean, Rowan Storm is recognized internationally as a performer and educator. Rowan brings freshness to tradition with her teaching method and frame drum designs, including the Thinline Frame Drums by Remo and her signature Rowan Storm Dayereh by Cooperman, now also produced by Remo.

Musical Ambassadors of Peace is proud to include her as a Musical Ambassador to Iran.

With a parallel study of brain function and wellness, Rowan is pioneering the symmetrical frame drum position. The shallow depth of Rowan’s Frame Drum designs enables both hands to play all the strokes, while holding the drum equally with both hands. As the non-dominant hand is called into action, the rational is harmonized with the intuitive, and startling new sources of creativity are unleashed.

Throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East, Rowan has studied and performed with some of the greatest masters of Middle Eastern music. Maintaining a full international concert and workshop schedule, Rowan plays and teaches a wide vocabulary of drumming styles, and sings in several languages. Based on walking, Rowan’s teaching method connects us deeply with our innate rhythmical nature while promoting balance between both brain hemispheres.

Musical Ambassadors of Peace was proud to help support Rowan’s solo journey through Iran.

Rowan lives in:
Los Angeles – New York – London – Zurich – Athens – Istanbul – Tehran

Rowan Storm

Musical Ambassador


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