Musical Ambassador

Abaho Gift Conrad


Uganda Project Videos

Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement – South Western Uganda

Resolving Inter-Tribal Conflicts

I am intending with the support of Musical Ambassadors of Peace to organize a first event of over 200 Refugees to present indigenous music, dance and song and restore hope and peace among different groups. These groups include Somali, Congolese, Eritrean, Burundians and Sudanese. The first event will be coordinated within Rwamwanja Refugee camp and will be designed to continue on either a Quarterly or Monthly basis. These events will build long term relationships between the different refugee communities. These intergroup representations would bring in a feeling of belongingness, togetherness and unity among refugees. Let’s work together for the Betterment of fellow humans.
As I conclude, I will never rest until refugees have hope, medicine and Food. -Abaho Gift Conrad

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