Can music, singing, drumming and dance actually create World Peace?

These forms of communication can enter the human psyche and soul on the deepest levels and rapidly shift an angry and fearful heart to a peaceful and loving heart.

Recent examples of the extreme  warmongering forces we are up against:

The Islamic State, created by the Saudi patriarchy and also known as ISIS, has used some of the most vicious means known to try and assert control.

Is this defeated ISIS commander one of the worst war criminals in the world? He confesses…

He claims to have killed 900 people and raped over 200 women.

What could have led him to commit such violence? He explains…

Is there any possibility that someone like this could be rehabilitated? He doesn’t actually appear to be insane…

In today’s world men like him are usually executed or sentenced to life imprisonment. If you listen to his words in these videos above you will see that he expects to be executed.

If the cycles of war and violence are ever to be broken, then society will have to find ways to bring compassion into the equation.

Our Musical Ambassadors have been finding ways through the seemingly magical worlds of music and dance to actually rebuild true compassion in the human heart.

This truth about the power of music has always been known… and this power to create equality and peace has been feared by the patriarchal priesthoods who employ any means to maintain control of people and property:

Back in the 11th century Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali (1058-1111 ad) recognized the power of music over the human heart:

“There is no entry into the heart except through the antechamber of the ears. Musical tones, measured and pleasing, bring forth what is in the heart and make evident its beauties and defects … whenever the soul of the music and singing reaches the heart, then there stirs in the heart that which preponderates in it.”

But the voice of the patriarchal priesthood arises within him and he then continues and feels the need to define the conditions under which performing and listening to music should be permitted:

“It is necessary therefore to regulate the use of this powerful force. Poetry and music are not forbidden in themselves, but according to circumstances. They are permissible when they arouse the longing for pilgrimge, or urge men to warfare in situations in which warfare is licit, or evoke praiseworthy sorrow – ‘the sorrow of a man for his own shortcomings in matters of religion, or for his sins’ – or love when the subject of love is permissible, or the love of God…
They are forbidden, however, if the reciter or singer is one who arouses to temptation, or the song is obscene or blasphemous or gives rise to lust; certain instruments – pipes and stringed instruments – are forbidden because they are associated with those who are drunkards or effeminate.”

This patriarchal voice, unfortunately, is still shouting its warnings loud and clear here in the 21st century. Those who have risen to power wish to remain in power and it does not serve their interests to see humanity feeling compassionate emotions. Their survival depends on the maintainance of divisions and fearfulness in the general population. Musical Ambassadors have a nasty habit of creating loving environments in which compassion naturally arises.

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